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Gold Leaf Water Saver®

The Water Saver, an innovative water efficiency valve technology, regulates both air and pressure to reduce water spend by 10-30% in all types of industrial, commercial and large residential facilities.

Utilities charge you for both water and air flowing through the water meter in your facility. The Gold Leaf Water Saver proprietary patented valve compresses the air in the water flowing through the meter, therefore lowering the amount you’re billed by 10-30%.

This valve can be quickly installed in the water pipe near the meter on the property side. For the flow of water coming in from the utility, the valve compresses the air bubbles into the flow of water, so nearly 100% of what’s flowing through the meter is water and the utility only bills you for the water you use (and not air).

After the valve, the air once again decompresses, through to a pressure that’s 2-5% lower that the level prior to the valve – which results usually in a 2-5% reduction in water usage.

Water Saver

Return on Investment

The valve was installed at a hotel in South Beach, Miami in October 2018. It showed water cost reductions of 20.7% (much higher than projected savings of 15%), which lowered payback from 12 months to 8.7 months.

Water Saver Return on Investment Chart

Key Advantages

  • Payback of 2 years or less, 50%+ IRR, 400%+ ROI.
  • Guaranteed savings: you only pay once we demonstrate the savings.
  • Financing option available with no upfront capex.
  • Quick installation which typically needs one-hour water shutoff.
  • 10-year warranty, no ongoing maintenance or opex.
  • Patented technology – only one of its kind.

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