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Energy-Saving Solutions

Save the environment—and money—at the same time.

From cooling and heating to appliances and electronics, it takes a lot of energy to power our businesses and workplaces. Simply put, saving energy through efficiency measures is good for the economy and your wallet. Like many businesses today, you’re here because you want to get smart about energy use.

Gold Leaf Energy Systems is a North American energy consultant, distributor and installer of eco-friendly alternatives, from cleaning the air to reducing water consumption. We help commercial and industrial facilities transition to a low-carbon energy system so they can get focus on what they do best—taking care of business. Our experts will deliver and install the product at your location.

Rest easy knowing you’re working with a company that started because we saw a better, affordable and sustainable way to ensure your facility is efficient and your workers are healthy.

Every dollar you eliminate from your operating costs is extra cash for your business.

We make that extra profit possible and risk-free. Regardless of your business type or size, we offer the best energy solutions using top quality products that are the latest in advanced technology.

Learning your current environment, historical consumption and the latest energy trends, we can offer you the best possible outcome — without any disruption to your operations.

We hold ourselves accountable and work as a partner with our customers. We continue to be part of the equation by being there for consultations, reviewing results and collaborating on potential changing operations and additional solutions.

The Sectors We Serve

Industry: smokestacks

Heavy Industry

Hospital exterior

Senior Care Facilitates
Colleges & Universities

Highrise apartment construction

Office Buildings
Apartment Buildings

Gold Leaf Energy Products

The Maximizer

Gold Leaf Maximizer®
The Maximizer® can boost energy efficiency and reduces emissions from carbon-based fuels. It can lower a commercial or industrial facility’s natural gas bill by 10-30%, with a savings payback of two years or less.
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GoldLeaf — Air Purification Technology®

Gold Leaf Air Purification Technology®
Restore indoor air to its natural state where no pollution or contaminants exist, and reduce energy use and emissions at the same time. This proven and effective purifier reduces inhaled particles, bacteria, mold spores and volatile organic compounds to create a healthy indoor environment where people can thrive.
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Gold Leaf Water Saver

Gold Leaf Water Saver®
The Water Saver® valve technology regulates both air and pressure to reduce water costs by 10-30% in all types of industrial, commercial and large residential facilities, with a savings payback of two years or less.
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Gold Leaf Energy Coil Cleaning

Gold Leaf HVAC Restoration & Building Optimization®
Thoroughly clean and disinfect HVAC systems and eliminate potential breeding areas for dangerous particles. This product protects against corrosion and allows HVAC units to run efficiently for longer, while reducing maintenance costs. Our newest HVAC corrosion protection system pushes coil coating technology into the future with a waterborne coating that is tough enough for the harshest elements, while also being environmentally friendly.
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