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Risk-free Savings

Gold Leaf Energy Systems has delivered risk-free, end-to-end energy-saving products to the commercial and industrial sectors since 2011.

About us: collaboration

We collaborate with customers to get them the best benefit, and we do so without any impact on their plant or operational processes. By learning your current environment, historical consumption and the latest energy trends, we’re able to provide the best possible outcome. After we install a product, we continue to be part of the equation by being there for consultations, reviewing results and being available to collaborate on potential operation changes.

Gold Leaf Energy Systems is part of a global dealer network of companies, affiliated with Energy Integrated Solutions, which has delivered guaranteed, no-risk energy savings solutions for over 35 years.

Meet the Team

Neil Horne

Neil is an accomplished business leader and entrepreneur. In 2011, he created Gold Leaf Energy Systems to deliver energy reduction technology to commercial and industrial clients. As president, he has grown the business from a focus on electricity to an emphasis on gas reduction, emission reduction, water savings, and HVAC restoration, repair and optimization. Gold Leaf has expanded its reach across Canada and the U.S., and continues to deliver results-oriented programs that help our customers achieve measurable reductions in energy use.

Neil’s knowledge of the energy efficiency sector means he can offer unparalleled advice to how customers can best focus their industrial and commercial programs. His approach is rooted in a belief that building and nurturing strong relationships with customers is key. He is most engaged when he has the opportunity to build new strategies and approaches that address challenging energy efficiency needs for his customers. Neil is an avid rower and outdoor enthusiast. He holds an MBA from Dalhousie University.

Neil Horne

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